Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Better late than never

Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! We had a lovely time with family, I haven't laughed so much for a long time.

Finally I am getting around to uploading some of my journl your christmas album! I have not been keeping up, but then I knew that I wouldn't, I just want to have it completed by the end of January. Here are my first few pages and the front cover - very simply a white piece of thick card painted over with glitter, added a bit of paper some thickers and a bit more bling! My journal is mixed sizes inside, and may or may not be bound with the bind-it-all, depending on how thick it ends up!

Day 1 was all about why we are doing this journal - for me a very special christmas - our first as husband and wife, all together now - aaaww bless lol!
Day 2 and I've journalled about snow in winter and how it seems to be getting more unlikely as the years go by that we'll have snow at Christmas.

Day 3 - cards. I had very good intentions this year to make loads of christmas cards with these cute stamps that I bought. Unfortunately I completely ran out of time and made one. I did actually make one more for Michael, but not until the 22nd lol! I am resolving to do better next year, I may even try making them throughout the year so that it's all sorted by the beginning of December. Who knows, miracles could happen!

Day 4 - I kept it simple with a list of some of my favourite things about the christmas season.

So there we go, will upload a few more pages soon!

We are busy busy at the moment with house stuff - we've had an offer accepted on a house we love so fingers crossed for a smooth process from here on. It's all guns to the deck at the moment with finance, surveyors, solicitors etc. Work is busy too, I am on a wierd shift of 4.30pm to 1am this week, but then have 10 days off yippee! Michael is taking me to see Joseph in London I am so excited!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas is nearly here, how fast is December going?!

I've been working hard in my new job - I am now officially a surgeon, or rather a surgeon's slave lol! It's busy but interesting, and it is taking up a lot of my time! I'm even working this weekend, so the Christmas shopping has been squeezed into the odd spare hour!

I've a couple of layouts to show that I did a couple of weekends ago when my sister came up to visit - we spent 2 fun days watching Christmas films and scrapping. Something we must do more often. She is getting quite into scrapping, and is starting to get addicted to minibooks too lol!

News from me - I have been asked to join a design team - for Sarah's Cards, and am so excited about starting! Should be getting my first package to start creating with soon, yay!

I've been doing Shimelle's christmas journal, kind of! I knew I would struggle to keep up but I'm managing to do bits here and there. I'm hoping to be done by the end of January. I'm loving the project so far - Christmas is such a lovely time of year, and Christmas stash is so scrummy!

Will post some of my pages so far soon!

Monday, 24 November 2008

1 down...

I've finally made a start on my Christmas cards. Every year I say I'm going to start really early, make them all, do them all different etc etc, and every year I don't! I bought some cute stamps this year to encourage me, and I really enjoyed sitting down in front of the TV colouring the images in, very relaxing!

I also finally got around to making my "Here come the girls" layout from our scrapping weekend away in the woods. We challenged ourselves all the make a LO with the same photos, and I used my Scrapagogo November kit, which I love! At first I was so not sure about the cloud paper and thought I'd never use it, but I have, and now I think it's so cute lol.

We had snow at the weekend, not just a dusting but proper thick snow! It actually snowed for almost 24 hours solid, and the layer of snow piled on top of the wall was at least 2 inches thick. This was the view outside at midday yesterday! How pleased was I that I didn't have to go anywhere all day long. It has all melted away today though, which is a shame as it's pretty, but good cos I really don't like driving in it.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like christmas....

I have signed up this year to join in with Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas workshop and I can't wait!
I've had a good look through photos of people's beautiful journals from previous years and I really hope I can produce something special. I love Christmas, and all the Christmas stash I've had lying around for ages can finally get used!! I think I've decided to do a mixed size album and bind it at the end of the project with my bind it all, that way I can just do little pages on days when I don't have much to say, and can waffle on as much as I like for other days!
Expect to see plenty of Chritmassy entries as of the beginning of the project on December 1st (can you believe thats only a week away?!)

In other news we are moving ahead with mortgages etc, we filled out all the application forms tonight (wow, what a long process!) and are planning to put an offer in soon. All pretty exciting stuff. We are trying to be very philosophical about it all and stay realistic in our expectations, but it's not all that easy when you are as excitable as me about houses lol!

Thursday, 13 November 2008


I have been tagged by the lovely Katherine, to tell you 7 random facts about myself.
Okay, so....
1) I have a phobia of peas - I have been known to have nightmares about them.
2) I have read the Harry Potter books many many many times.
3) I love socks, they are always on my christmas list. I have over 50 pairs - all different colours and patterns!
4) I was Prince Charming in our year 6 school play.
5) Musicals make me happy!
6) I can't stand tea or coffee, or fizzy drinks.
7) I've known I wanted to be a doctor since I was 12, and probably even earlier.

I am coming to the end of my 12 day stint at work and am shattered! I'm so looking forward to a day off. The weekend on was exhausting - both physically and emotionally.

I haven't managed to get any scrapping done, in fact I haven't even properly unpacked from the weekend away! In a couple of weeks my sister is coming down for a girlie weekend so we plan to do some scrapping then - hopefully I'll be unpacked by then but at the rate I'm going who knows!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Back home

After my fab weekend away I went straight to my parents house, met Michael there and then off we went to see his mum too so we've been busy and on the road a lot! It is nice to come home and relax - I'm spending the whole day today in my pjamas, watching high school musical and eating chocolate!

We went to see the new James Bond last night - I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure it was the best ever. We also had dinner out at Frankie and Bennys - I know it's commercial but I love it, their cocktails are fab and the food is right up my street!

Tomorrow we are off to view a potential house - very exciting, especially as it is pink!!

I thought I should finally share some of the work I did at the weekend - I was very productive and loved being able to scrap my little heart out! I did do a few more than this but am thinking of submitting so I won't add them just in case! I even did my very fist 6x12" layout and I like it, I think I'll be trying this size out again in the not too distant future. Seeing as I used up so much stuff, I treated myself to an order during the week which I collected yesterday - included were 15 odd packs of thickers, yes I went a little crazy but I just had to have the foil ones and the puffy ones!

Monday, 27 October 2008


I had the most fabulous weekend with this crazy bunch of chickas! We scrapped up a storm - everyone produced some utterly gorgeous and very inspiring layouts. We drank wine, ate chocolate and gossipped likeother for years! Of course we couldn't miss the opportunity to get some pics to scrap, this is one of my faves!

The lovely Sj also very kindly took pics of us by a very autumnal tree lol! I love mine below, thanks hun!
I completed 12 layouts and have done another 2 this morning (I'm on a roll!) which I will get photographed and uploaded by the end of the week.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

House hunting is hard!

Yup, it's stressful, emotional and difficult.
On Thursday evening we saw a house that made us smile when we walked through the front door - we were very excited about it and loved looking around. It had beautiful inglenook fireplaces, fab ceiling beams and original floorboards. We went back today to see it in daylight. Unfortunately we had our "sensible hats" on today and it became evident that there was just too much work to do, and a few obstacles that we could not overcome, like no parking, not even on the street. So we are back to square one. In the last few days we've been up and down.
Now I've found details for another house that I'm really excited about, but I get the feeling it might just be a rebound house! I hope not, because I am so excited about buying somewhere, but we'll see.

This week I'm on twighlights again, that means I start work at 1:30pm and finish at 9:30pm. The hours are very odd - in the mornings you feel like you've got the day off, then after lunch off you dash to look after 320 patients single handedly, then home, very late dinner and off to sleep! It is only a 4 day week though, because I get the Friday off yay! Plus it is almost payday again, which has come around very quick!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Time flies!

Oh dear oh dear, almost a month has gone by since I last upadated, I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by! I haven't done any crafting since the layouts I uploaded previously and I am missing it so I'm making a promise to myself to do some scrapping at the weekend!

At least I know I'll be able to do some the following weekend as I'm off on a retreat with some fab girls - some of whom I've met and other I haven't yet. So excited about it, really can't wait for a whole weekend of girlie scrapping!

We are still house-hunting. We've been to see a few places, none of which float our boat so to say! We are seeing somewhere tonight that I'm quite excited about so fingers crossed. Mind you if we waited another few month we might be able to afford even more with the way house prices are going, and with some of our deposit caught up in the whole Icesave debacle yadayadayada maybe it would be sensible. Then again, sensible is just damn dull and when I set my mind on something I want it straight away lol! So we'll see.

I realised I never put any of our offical wedding pics on here, so a few of my faves to brighten up this post!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Scrapagogo Goodness

My September Scrapagogo kit arrived yesterday in the post and it is gorgeous, totally up my street, and to prove it I've done 3 layouts already with it!

I'm so excited about tonight - we are off house hunting! We've been trawling through house details and have picked out a couple to go and view this evening. It will be great to get a better idea of what is available so I can't wait!

We are also getting on well with our wedding photo album, all the details are with the album makers, just got to finalise the details and choose which pictures to have in black and white and which in colour, then off to print - yay!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


It is a while since I felt inspired to scrap, but finally my mojo is back so I took the opportunity to scrap a couple of wedding and honeymoon photos.

The first is a layout of Michael - this photo was taken just before the wedding ceremony - we had two photographers so during the morning one was with me and the other with michael and his groomsmen. I was so pleased we decided to do it as he got some great shots, especially of them all playing pool! I used some of the July Scrapagogo kit for this one, only adding an Autumn Leaves stamp.

Some honeymoon pictures for this one - from the San Fransisco leg of our trip. I was really looking forward to seeing the painted ladies, I had read about the juxtaposition of the beautiful old houses and the San Fran financial district skyline in the background. The reality didn't disappoint - a gorgeous view! When I saw the little house rub ons from Heidi Grace in the August scrapgogo kit I knew they had to go with these photos!

Finally, one of my favourite wedding photos - i love the classic feel of it in black and white. It really was a perfect day and I'm enjoying scrapping it - at first I felt a bit of pressure to get the layouts so amazing to do justice to the photos, but now I realise that I can just print them off and scrap them again if I want so I should just enjoy it! Anyway, I used little yellow bicycle paper, chipboard and journalling block, making memories glitter letters and journalling blocks, metallic thickers, american crafts chipboard shapes, random lace from scrapagogo kits and stemma big brads, acrylic shape and clip.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Life as a doc

I started work last week - a very scary day! After 5 years at medical school you would think that we would come out ready and prepared for life as a "proper doctor". Unfortunately that is not really the case. We all know lots about the wierd and wonderful diseases that are seen once in a blue moon, and even then are not particularly serious or needing urgent attention, but do we know how to go about the everyday job of looking after a ward full of patients - no!
Working on a care of the elderly ward, it is quite a shock to the system not to be trying as much as possible to keep all the patients alive - this goes against what has been drummed into me throughout training and it is a wierd feeling, but at the same time you know that it really is what's best for everyone - patient and family. I have already certified a death and although the patient was "meant" to die - what a strange sentance, but it was expected, it was still a very difficult moment for me. We recently lost a very old family friend to cancer - her funeral was today in fact, and so it was in my mind that last week, somewhere else in the country, another doctor was going through the exact same motions as I was - the formality and the necessity of being detached from the situation yet elsewhere were family and friends who were grieving.
Apologies for a possibly depressing post, I didn't mean it to turn out like that but I suppose that is the experience from my first week that has held most weight with me.
Other than that I've really been a test ordering, discharge letter writing, blood taking, note scribing machine, and they certainly don't teach you how to do that at medical school!
When I get students to "look after" I'll make sure they know how to go about all these daily duties - they can do them for me!!!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Honeymoon fun, scrapping and work!

Yes I know, we got back weeks ago and I still haven't updated with all the pics!
We started off in San Fransico for 3 nights - such an interesting city with so much going on! We really enjoyed Alcatraz island - fascinating history and athe tape guide was excellent - very informative. We also loved riding the cable cars, seeing the crookedest street in the world, seeing the sea lions at Pier 39 and going to a local jazz bar. It was pretty cold, only about 12 degrees, and we were shattered by the end of our few days there.
Second was Hawaii - we stayed on the island of Maui for 9 nights in an upgraded suite - yay for being honeymooners! The scenery was just stunningly beautiful - with the backdrop of the volcanic mountains to one side and the clear blue sea and sand to the other. We snokelled and scuba dived with wild sea turtles and an abundance of colourful fish and coral life. We loved the hotel - on walking in your were greeted by an enourmous open lobby with a massive waterfall and "pond" in which were flamingos, parrots and the most enourmous koi I've ever seen! We took a trip around the island to see the black sand beaches, the tropical forests and the road to Hana - a cliffside road which goes around one half of the island with over 900 bends and 70 odd one-way bridges - that's why we didn't drive ourselves! It was great to just chill out and enjoy life, drink cocktails and watch the world go by. We were also there for 4th July celebrations which was fun!
Finally we visited Las Vegas for 3 nights, staying in the Bellagio hotel which was rather luxurious. The whole strip was just completely surreal - everything is so huge! The actual road itself is up to 6 lanes each side, but that feels quite normal because all the buildings on either side are so big too. The hotels are attractions themselves - the arcitecture is totally out there! We loved going up the Eiffel Tower at night, going to a medieval castle for a banquet & jousting, visiting the pyramid, riding a couple of crazy rides on top of the Stratosphere (over 1000ft up!) and watching the gondolas on the grand canal at the Venetian. The Bellagio fountains were also a highlight - every 15 minutes, set to music and lights, just incredible! We didn't get much time for gambling, in total we lost about £2.50, not bad we thought. The shows are the other main attraction in Vegas - we saw Cirque du Soleil's 'O' - amazing.

I've already done some scrapping with some wedding and honeymoon pics. This first one is one of our favourite phtoos from the day - it's me and my sister. I love the threading water punch I got in the US - I don't think you can get it over here but I'm sure it'd be very popular!

These are a couple of layouts with photos from Hawaii. Every single cocktail came with a big slice of pineapple, which was delicious but so messy!

This one doesn't have photos from this year - these are from last year's holiday in Gozo - we got a puncture and had to wait ages for them to come out and fix it - it was no wonder we couldn't find all the equipment to do it ourselves as it was in about 4 different places within the car!

On Monday I started work shadowing at the hospital so it's starting to feel very real that this time next week I'll be responsible for all the patients! We've had a number of tutorials - very useful, and have been tagging along with the current junior to take notes! It's all rather daunting, with finding my way around as well as everything else, but I'm getting there. My rota doesn't look too bad - no nights which is a bonus!

That's it for now!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Our Wedding!

Wow, where to start, I guess at the beginning!
I apologise in advance for the essay - I've really enjoyed reliving it by writing this, and remembering all the details that I'd forgotten about! I've dotted a few photos here, but if you want to see more, there are lots HERE taken by family and friends.

Thursday 19th June
We had arrived at my parents late on Wednesday night after I'd had my nails done, as thursday was going to be a really busy day!
In the morning I had my hair cut and coloured, which took about 3 hours! I'd managed to get some clip in hair extensions, so the hairdresser matched the dye to those to make them a perfect match. While I was there, Michael and Dad drove to the suit shop to collect all 8 suits.
We all met back at home and had lunch together, before going off to the venue to drop off all the bits and pieces! It took us about an hour to go through everything but it was nice to finalise things and put our minds at rest about all the little details! It felt really wierd in the afternoon because we had nothing lift to do, and we couldn't even fiddle with the little things because they were all already at the venue!
In the evening Mum and my sister, Em, went off to have their nails done, and then we went to the church in the evening for a rehersal. Me and Michael went along with my Dad, best man and my sister (a bridesmaid). It made everything feel so real saying the words and practising walking down the aisle - my sister got really emotional which is quite unlike her, I think she was quite overwhelmed by it all! We handed the suits over to Peter (best man) and off we went for a relaxing evening.

Friday 20th June
Friday morning we had a bit of a lay in and a relaxing start. Michael and I went out for a really nice lunch by ourselves and then went to his Dad's grave, which was emotional for both of us. After that I dropped him off at his mum's house. It was really wierd leaving knowing that the next time I'd see him would be at the altar!
I then dashed off to meet Cat, my chief bridesmaid, who took me to a spa for the afternoon where we jacuzzi'd, steamed and sauna'd. It was great to just chat and unwind, and we had a lot of laughs about old times! The spa had 4 levels of sauna - starting at mild right up to volcano - man that was hot!
We got back to mine at about 6pm and met with Em. They'd decorated the house with pink and green balloons, the marquee was up in the garden (ready for Sunday) and Mum had made metres and metres of bunting for the garden which looked gorgeous! Jess (michael's sister and the third bridesmaid) was meant to be arriving at about 7, but she was still curling her hair, which she'd been doing since 3pm!
We had a great snacky dinner which my sister made of potato wedges, chicken dippers, nachos and potato skins, and we watched a girly film with a small glass of wine. We played games on the Wii and had such a laugh! Mum and Dad arrived back home from dinner out with the family at about 10, and Jess still wasn't here! Cat went home - only just round the corner, and Jess eventually arrived at a quarter to midnight (I'd been planning to get to bed by 10!) and we all went straight to sleep.

Saturday 21st June
I slept really well, and woke up at about 6:30am so got up, had a shower and thenw ent downstairs where Em was waiting to present me with a big fluffy white "Bride" dressing gown! She'd also had them made up for herself with "Bridesmaid" and Mum with "Mother of the Bride" on. We got Jess up, and Cat arrived back at about half 7 in time for a breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat with champagne or bucks fizz. I didn't feel nervous at all, I was just really excited, but my sister felt really sick with nerves. We later decided that we'd both transferred our nerves because Michael was alright too, but one of his ushers was terrible!
I had been getting really worried about the weather as it kept saying rain for Saturday - I knew there was nothing I could do but I really wanted it to stay dry. In the end it was dry all day and just perfect - slightly overcast so no squinting, and warm enough to stay outside but not too hot. Perfect.
At 8am the hairdresser and make up artist arrived. Em had her hair done first because she wanted to let the curls drop out a bit - the rest of us sat enjoying our champagne and having a good giggle. Mum had hers done next while Cat had her make up done. The Cat and Jess had their hair done and Mum and I had our make up put on. It was great watching the girls getting ready and transforming - they all looked beautiful and I was really excited to see my finished look! I hadn't really had a proper full hair trial so it was a bit of a surprise but I loved it so much!
We were all really laid back - it felt like we had loads of time. Dad had disappeared out to move cars around with Em's boyfriend Chris, and as they arrived back I had my hair done. The hairdresser had pre-curled the clip ins, so curled mine to match and then started clipping them in - it was so fantastic to have so much hair laugh.gif it felt really strange but I loved it!
The photographer and videographer had both arrived at about 10.30, so we got some shots of me having my hair and make up done. The two of them were really funny and put us all at ease. I was starting to get a little bit nervous, but I though I was hiding it really well until Cat said you're a bit jittery aren't you. It came and went in little waves, but it was all excitement! I was still having my hair done at 11.30 and at that point I realised that actually we really didn't have long left!
My hair was finished and so we banished the men and I got into my underwear and hoop, and we put the dress on. I was so so excited to wear it, and of course it fit absolutely perfectly! The photographer and video guy came back in to get shots of the girls doing up the lace back of the dress.
The florist arrived with the bouquets and buttonholes and they were absolutely beautiful, I couldn't have asked for more. Peter was meant to come to pick up the buttonholes but his car had got blocked in so in the end Em's boyfriend had to take them up to the church along with the orders of service etc. It was a shame because Michael had written me a letter but I didn't get it until the next day because of this. He also sent me flowers, a teddy and chocolates, but they only got delivered at 2pm, after we'd left!
Everyone else was dressed - my mum and dad, and the bridemaids all looked so wonderful I started getting a bit teary but didn't want to ruin my make up! We had some photos in the back garden and some of me in the house, then suddenly the car arrived and we all started to rush around (although I was struggling to get my hoop through doorways laugh.gif) and get ready. We then figured that the car had come early for photos so we calmed down a bit! Me and Dad had a fake leaving as the photographer then dashed off to the church to meet up with Michael. Mum and the bridesmaids went off in the car, and it was just me and Dad left in the house.
We thought we'd have a good 10 minutes but before we knew it the car was back at only 10 past 1, and only a 5 minute journey to the church! We told him to wait for a bit as I didn't want to get there early! It was lucky we did too as the bridesmaids arrived and were panicking because people were all still outside and they thought we'd be on our way! Eventually we got in the car and off we went down the high street with everyone waving and looking at us! The driver was so jolly it was fab!

We arrived at the church just as the last person was going into it, so perfect timing really - it was 1.28! There I met the second photographer for the first time - he'd been with Michael all morning. We left the car and the vicar, Beth, was outside waiting for us. She gave a few words of reassurance and we stood at the door waiting to go in. I'd made a last minute decision to wear my veil over my face so we sorted that out too! I'm glad I did because it acted as a sort of barrier between me and all those people laugh.gif and kept me a bit calmer!
We heard Beth give a few quick announcements and welcome, and then the music started - the wedding processional from Sound of Music. We started to walk in (you come in from the side of the church), and we knew that we had to go quite slowly as we wanted to turn the corner and walk down as the music hit it's peak. We got there a bit quickly so we stood at the top for what felt like ages - I was pulling on Dad's arm going come on, I want to get there! laugh.gif He made me wait until the right point and actually it was nice because I could have a goo look around, and I could see Michael up at the front beaming, but obviously really emotional too! He said later that he almost burst into tears at that point!
When we got to the front I handed my bouquet to Cat and she lifted my veil. We grabbed each others hand and the service started. It was such a beautiful service - the two readers read extremely eloquently and everyone sung the hymns so loud! We came to the vows and Michael said them perfectly. I started and then completely choked up - so I stopped as I would have burst into tears, my voice was wavering all over the place! Beth was great, really reassuring, and I managed to recompose my self and get through them from then on okay. Apparently it caused a bit of a domino effect though cos loads of people started crying laugh.gif We exchanged rings and Michael couldn't get mine on laugh.gif it just needed a good shove!
When she pronounced us husband and wife we were both beaming from ear to ear, it was totally amazing! We kissed before she even said you may kiss the bride laugh.gif we beat her to it! We went over to sign the register and Jess and Evelyn started singing Songbird - they sang it so beautifully. After that we had a blessing and then our exit music started up and off we went back down the aisle!
Outside everyone greeted and congratulated us, and we had a load of photos - both with small groups, large groups and just us. Everyone was milling around chatting and enjoying themselves. After about half an hour we finished the pics and the photographer arranged people for the confetti throwing - there was so much of it and it went everywhere, including all down my top!! Some people had already left, but some stayed to wave us off in the car. We got in and both took a deep breath laugh.gif We started to tell each other all about our mornings, but it was quite a short journey, only about 10 minutes so before we knew it we had arrived at the venue.

We had photos by the car and the videographer got us pink champagne from inside. We then got a bit of an oppurtunity to see some people before going off around the grounds for more photos and video. It was great to see people mingling and having fun. We dashed around and then the manager told us it was time for people to be called in for the breakfast - that drinks reception went so quickly! Once everyone was sat down we were annonced in as Mr and Mrs Naulls, which was quite surreal! The room looked beautiful - the table centres were stunning and everyone was even better than I thought it would be! It all came together wonderfully and I was so pleased.
We had the speeches before we ate - Dad went first and gave a lovely speech which was not too embarassing, but with some funny stories and a lot of sentiment. Michael went next, keeping it short and sweet, it was just a great speech. Peter was last and he did such a fantastic job - it was the perfect mix of warm, funny and just a little bit cheeky. I think we were all a bit stunned because we didn't think he was a natural public speaker but it was wonderful.
The first course was then served - bruschetta of rosted veg with raspberry vinagrette and was delicious! We had two more courses - chicken and bacon wellington followed by lime and kiwi cheesecake. All very yummy! In between the courses we took the oppotunity to go round the tables and see everyone - our table planning went well because everyone was chatting and mingling, which was so satisfying after all the stressing over it!
Once everyone had finished the final course Dad stood up and said a final thank you, and announced coffee in the pavillion so we all went back outside whilst the room was transformed for the evening. Evening guests started to arrive and the videographer set up the video diary for people to leave us messages - I can't wait to see it because I kept catching tiny snippits as it was going on and I'm completely intruiged by many of the things laugh.gif

We called everyone in for the cutting of the cake - which was the most amazing cake I've seen and totally what I was after! She did a fantastic job on it! Apparently she made it cake of the month on her website and having put it on on Saturday, by Tuesday had recieved 5 orders for very similar things - for someone who does it as a hobby thats not bad! Once the cake was wheeled away we had our first dance - Michael Buble's Everything sung by the band. We just winged it but lots of people said they thought it was rehearsed because did twists and lifts and shimmies laugh.gif It was such fun!
We then had Perfect Day, to which I danced with my Dad, followed by a really fast song, I can't remember which is was but my godfather Matthew grabbed me and we whirled around the dance floor - everyone else cleared off and they were all standing around clapping and cheering. I was totally exhauseted by the end of the song! I can't wait to see the video because it was so funny!
We both tried to get round and chat to everyone but it's so difficult, but I think we managed to see most people for more than a quick hello. It was great to see some people who we haven't seen for ages and everyone had such a great time - you can tell from the photos! The band were great and the evening barbeque went down really well, with hardly any leftovers.
The evening went quickly, but we managed to spend a lot of it together, and we both remember it well because we consciously made ourselves take it all in. It was great to step back and just watch everyone enjoying all the hard work.
For our last dance we had Can't Take my Eyes off you - everyone formed an archway all the way from one end of the room right to the other and we ran down it and out the door to the waiting taxi, waving to everyone. It was a great finale to the most amazing day ever.