Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Underwater is my favourite place to be!

So this time a month ago I was out in Gozo, having a wonderful holiday and enjoying a spot of diving. Underwater is such a fantastic place to be, I find it so incredibly relaxing - I can totally chill out and just go with the flow - I love it! How I wish I could be back there now, drifting along with the fishies.
Underwater photography on the other hand in tricky. Very tricky. There were a couple of pro BBC photographers out there and their equipment is incredible - it looks like a car is driving towards you on the bottom of the ocean the amount of lights they have! I managed to snap a few shots that came out okay - yes that bottom one is on a wreck (seriously quite a surreal experience swimming through wrecks!). We also did a night dive, which was fab - there were literally hundreds of these giant fried egg jellyfish, some of them a foot or so in diameter and bright yellow. What with the wierd creatures, the black water and the slight nitrogen narcosis it was a bit trippy!

In sadder news, which I'm sure everyone has heard by now, Scrapbook Inspirations is to cease publication with the next issue being the last. I am so sad because it was my favourite magazine, which I had bought right from the start, and of course on a personal level it is disappointing having only just been given the opportunity to be involved in the regular design team. It was quite a shock to everyone, and a shame that it perhaps reflects the falling trend in scrapbookers :(
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Friday, 2 October 2009

Well its 4:40 in the morning and i have no patients to see but annoyingly the registrar is asleep in the doctors mess lounge & is snoring like a creature possessed haha!
In my boredom & sleep-deprived state I thought I would share a photo of my current location - a little snippet of life in a hospital rest room in the middle of the night!

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