Thursday, 31 January 2008

{Currency, Organise}

Quickie post again today - today's and yesterday's prompts. I just love having my brads organised like this, it makes it so easy to find what I'm after! I have another box for "specials" too - spotty, stripy, queen and co, hand painted, velvet etc etc etc lol!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Today's prompt - think. This is the first thing that came into my mind when I saw today's word, and leaves me with a great opportunity to remind all you ladies out there to have a quick check of your bosoms/baps/boobs/knockers. It's coming to the end of January, have you paid you boobs some TLC (touch, look, check) yet this month?
I'll leave you with this - it made me giggle!

Ode to Boobs, by Pip Bishop

Dear boobs,
This heartfelt apology goes out to you all
For moaning you’re too big or moaning you’re too small
For wishing you didn’t hang like puppies in sacks
Or just disappear when we lie on our backs
For squashing you flat with a minimising cup
or those torture bras that push you right up.
Why is it always your bad points we mention
Like your inverted nips or your water retention?
Why don’t we love you as much as our men
Or the babies that love you all over again?
Maybe we’re scared to show you we care
In case, one day, you’re simply not there.

Monday, 28 January 2008

{Catch up!}

Wow, how fast the weeks are going by - already it's Monday again - I'm not sure what happened to last week! Michael started his new job today as a junior satellite analyst - all very exciting. I've been catching up a bit with last week's HerSpace MySpace prompts - here is my self portrait from Saturday, along with three, tubes and ring. "Snooze" for today is a bit of a cheat - this was taken a while ago, but it's just so darned cute I had to use it!

I've also done some more 6x6 layouts for my previous self-portraits - I'm not up to date with them yet but I will be soon!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

{Self Portrait Saturday}

We are having internet issues at the moment, it's being incredibly slow and so it's taking me hours to get anything done! Norton antivirus seems to have deleted itself, so i fear we may be infected :( A new version is on it's way so I'll get round to see all your fab photos soon HSMS people :)

I've finally started my A-Z journal (although it's less of a journal and more of a scrapbook!) for wedding planning. I just managed to get "A" done before the "B" prompt came out this weekend - if you want to join in details are at It's A Creative World
I'd ordered the hoop for my dress on ebay on wednesday and it arrived yesterday - well I shouldn't have taken it out of the packet but I was intruiged as to how a hooped underskirt could fit into a rectangular parcel. Well, I opened it up and the thing came popping out, unfolding as it went, it was like a pop up tent! There's no way thats ever going back in the bag, and now I have to store it somewhere lol!

Thursday, 17 January 2008


An arithmetical value expressed by a word, symbol or figure. Show us a 'number' in your space today!

Very short post today, lots to do! Might even get some scrapping done this afternoon :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Isn't that a great word!

Well as my main indulgence is chocolate, my photo just had to be of that. Of course, I had to eat half the choc orange to get the photo! This one is actually a toffee crunch chocolate orange- have you tried it? It's delicious!

Now I know I'm meant to be on a diet in order to fit into my wedding dress in June, but I'm not one of these to deprive myself, I'll let myself have a piece of chocolate each day, and actually you find that the need reduces, rather than totally ruling out chocolate and then eating the whole bar lol!

This LO I did yesterday - the photos really make me giggle cos we look totally drunk! Just realised I cut a nice big bit of the lovely Junkitz paper and then totally covered it up with photos - you can just see the corner peeking out lol!

Monday, 14 January 2008


Ah, CD's - I have many! I love music and enjoy a huge variety from Classical to Shows to Pop to Rock and everything in between. Here is just a small selection lol!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

{Self Portrait Saturday}

My self portrait Saturday, on Sunday! I didn't get a chance to upload yesterday - we only got back in the evening.

Lord of the Rings was absolutely amazing! I would definately recommend it if you want to see a West End show - it had a bit of everything - illusions, circus, acrobatics, dance, song, script. The effects were stunning, and we particularly enjoyed the orcs coming into the audience - one gave Dad a fright lol! I don't think I would take young children, it was pretty scary! All in all a very enjoyeable evening. I didn't manage to get any photos - there was no photography allowed in the auditorium and they were quite hot on it!

My show off for today is a photo taken back a few months. I love the blue of the Sky, and was pleased with the angle - this was not the easiest place to get to lol!

Thursday, 10 January 2008


I have an absolute tonne of threads - when I bought my sewing machine it came with hundreds of free threads, and I'm ashamed to admit I've hardly used any, tut tut. I really must get it out more often, but it's such a kerfuffle, i think I need somewhere to keep it out and ready to use all the time!

Tomorrow we are off to London to see the Lord of the Rings musical in the West End - I'm so excited about seeing all those hobbits lol! I'll be back on Sunday to catch up.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I'm joining in with the all new Overlooked challenge - photos, journalling and scrapping everyday objects.
The first prompt is to snap your favourite coffee mug. Well I don't drink coffee, or tea, the only hot drink I go for is hot chocolate, and to that I'll never say no! It's best topped with chunky marshmellows that melt and sprinkled with grated chocolate, yum!
And it tastes even better when it's in my favourite mug - the good old Ipswich Town mug.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Now there's a prompt I can certainly do! I love bling, I love sparkles, anything thats shiny or glittery is good in my book. I couldn't choose just one item, so i piled a whole load of bling into my shot!

Yesterday's LO is another one featuring holiday photos - I have so many, so it's great to use some up! Although I've never been one of these who feels the need to get "caught up" with scrapbooking (I admire those that can!), it's still satisfying to see a pile get smaller. This is another page map based LO, using loads of Basic Grey Mellow and lots of hand cutting, my finger still feels numb actually lol!

Monday, 7 January 2008


Fold - To bend something over itself so that part of it covers another. Find 'fold' in your space today

Here is my "fold"

Back later with some recent layouts :)

Saturday, 5 January 2008

{Self Portrait Saturday}

Here we are at Saturday again, not sure where the week went!
I know this isn't really in focus but I loved the colours in it, it feels so warm.
Quick post today as we are off to my parents soon. All the decorations came down today, so we are de-Christmassed and it looks very bare, although the whole house is covered in glitter lol!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Still keeping up!

I am amazing myself by still being caught up with the layout a day challenge at big picture scrapbooking!
Today's is a total scraplift from a LO in January CK, sorry I can't be more specific. I loves the clean lines and simplicity of it, and thought it was perfect to show off one of my favourite photos! The flower is basic grey chipboard covered with american crafts ribbon.
I've also decided to try the A-Z challenge at It's A Creative World, starting tomorrow. I've wanted to do an A-Z for ages now, and never got around to it so I'm hoping this will keep me on track, and with one letter to do every two weeks it is definately do-able.


Todays word - perfume, one of my favourite things!
I have so many bottles of fragrance, I just love to have a choice and I can't resist a new scent now and again. I don't think I've ever finished a whole bottle due to having so many. One of my current favourites is Ralph Lauren Romance - it's elegant and pretty, I think I'll wear it on my wedding day :)

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Day 3

I hadn't realised my white shot would cause such confusion lol!
It's white paint dropped onto the inner of a pizza box, but i got you guessing!

This LO is a scraplift from the Mojo Holder blog, from the 14th December challenge. The journalling on the page reads "What is it about the humble cactus that makes us want to prod it and poke it? Will we ever learn?!" I just loved the white space on this LO sketch, and for a complete change for me used a patterned background paper, and love the effect. Note to self - must do this more!


They promised us snow and I have yet to see a flake, although the forecast is still telling me there will be heavy snow this afternoon. It has been extremely dark all day, so perhaps we will see a covering of white later on, who knows!
Instead of waiting for that to happen, or not happen, I got on with the herspace myspace prompt (good to be back!) and here it is - white.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Day 2

Day 2 of the January challenge and I'm doing well!
Yesterday I managed 2 layouts and have done one so far today. This is based on a January 08 Page Map - I love using these as a jumping point for layouts. I used some scrapworks papers, love elsie rubons, stickers and chip buttons, papermania brads and american crafts ribbon. I have so much ribbon and always forget to use it lol, so I'm making a conscious effort to keep it close by and use on lots of layouts this month!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I just love doing the Pencil Lines sketches and had great fun with this one. Painting the background was great, and the Love Elsie papers were perfect for these underwater photos of Michael when he learnt to dive last summer. The photos lift up to reveal my journalling.

I had to restart my stash diet a little while ago as i caved and bought something lol, but since I did I've completed 6 layouts. At 35 I treat myself to something new and then I'll start all over again untill my stash is down to a resonable size. I also have plans to go through everything and get rid of anything I won't use, I know there's quite a bit and I might discover hidden treasures along the way!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely night to welcome in 2008, and weren't feeling it too much this morning lol!

Today seems to have gone by so quickly, perhaps because we had a big friend breakfast and didn't get dressed until midday - something that is very rare for me.
This afternoon I have scrapped. I'm taking part in Big Picture Scrapbooking's challenge to do a layout a day for January - so 31 layouts in 31 days. This fits in nicely with my stash diet!

So here is my layout for January 1st - my resolutions for 2008. I can't believe I haven't used any patterned paper on here, very unusual. I love the little bird stamp - it's my Rhonna Farrar and came in a pack of Christmas stamps - he actually has "fa la lala la" coming out of his mouth but I just didn't ink that part - I love stamps that can be multifunctional!