Sunday, 13 January 2008

{Self Portrait Saturday}

My self portrait Saturday, on Sunday! I didn't get a chance to upload yesterday - we only got back in the evening.

Lord of the Rings was absolutely amazing! I would definately recommend it if you want to see a West End show - it had a bit of everything - illusions, circus, acrobatics, dance, song, script. The effects were stunning, and we particularly enjoyed the orcs coming into the audience - one gave Dad a fright lol! I don't think I would take young children, it was pretty scary! All in all a very enjoyeable evening. I didn't manage to get any photos - there was no photography allowed in the auditorium and they were quite hot on it!

My show off for today is a photo taken back a few months. I love the blue of the Sky, and was pleased with the angle - this was not the easiest place to get to lol!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous SOS photo and your Self Portrait pic is very clever :D
Glad you enjoyed your time away :D

Sarah said...

Brilliant SPS, very arty. Love the windmill too.

Lord of the Rings sounds good - maybe one day. I haven't even got around to watching the films yet!

Bambi said...

what luscious glossy lips! and that sos is super (^_^)