Sunday, 12 June 2011


It's my turn to post on the all new Sarah's Cards blog today.
Here's a sneaky peek at the pages I'm sharing. Hop on over to see the full projects!
If you haven't already seen it, Lou posted a wonderful challenge a few days ago - a £10 e-voucher for the shop is up for grabs so why not have a go!

Friday, 10 June 2011

{10 things on the 10th}

If you haven't seen Shimelle's blog post today then hop on over & take a look - a wonderful idea to post a '10 things' list on the 10th of every month. As Benjamin's birthday falls on the 10th, what better way to document the previous month in easy bullet points.
Today, my baby is 8 months old, and here is what has happened since his 7 month birthday:

Benjamin, in the last month you have...
1. Got your first tooth..
2. Got your second tooth..
3. Got your third tooth..
4. Got your fourth tooth!
5. Been baptised
6. Had your first go on the swings
7. Learnt to sit yourself up from lying down
8. Started enjoy meat & fish dishes
9. Become a cousin when baby Alexander was born
10. Started to crawl!
Not bad going for just one month!

I also want to include my 10 favourite pictures from the last month. Here they are in no particular order...

1. My birthday - we took a lovely lakeside walk, which had lots of wonderful photo ops!

2. This month you became very interested in bubbles - you think they are great & want to catch them!

3. Your first time on the swings was a huge success.

4. Just because no top 10 of photos was be complete without a finger-sucking photo. You do love your fingers.

5. Your 7 month photoshoot - it was hard work this month, you really did just want to eat the tag!

6. Shoulder rides with Daddy!

7. Your baptism, I love this shot.

8. The amazing baptistry that you were baptised in. (It's the largest in the country so out priest tells us!)

9. You have the cheekiest smile ever, you are going to be such a mischief when you're a bit older!

10. The 'ooh' face is one we've been seeing more & more often. It's usually accompanied these days by bubble blowing & raspberrying.

This post may even make it onto a scrapbook page one day - ready made journalling & photo choices!