Thursday, 13 January 2011

A January Challenge

There's a new challenge for you over at the Sarah's Cards blog, and you could win a £10 e-voucher if you take part so why not head on over and take a look?!

I created this page documenting my '2010 in a nutshell' (if you watch Harry Hill's TV Burp you might sing this phrase a la 'this weeks apprentice in a nutshell'. If you don't watch it you'll be wondering whether I've gone crazy right now!)
2010 took us from positive pregnancy test right the way through to a beautiful almost-3-month-old baby boy so it was quite a journey! Additionally, this page is my title page for my Document 2010 album  :)

Speaking of Document 2010, I have great plans for Document 2011 and am itching to get started on it! Just a little more to finish from last year's album and then it's all systems go on this year's!
I realise I haven't shared most of my pages on here, so I'm planning a big post with all the piccies once it's fully complete.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcome to 2011

Happy New Year!

Well 2010 was quite a year - I found out I was pregnant in January so my year was mostly taken up with the excitement and wonder of pregnancy and the arrival of little Benjamin in October. From hearing that first little heartbeat, to seeing him on the scan, to preparing the nursery, to holding him in my arms it has been the most incredible journey and I am still in awe at how amazing it all is! 
 2010 set the bar pretty high, and I'm not sure how 2011 is going to top that but I can't wait to find out what's in store for us. I love this time of year - the excitment of new beginnings and the promnise of fresh starts. Already I am feeling the organising bug taking hold, and I've written a list of tasks to accomplish in the house this year already! I don't really do resolutions, for I never seem to keep them, but I do have a couple of wishes for the year:

1. To enjoy being a mum every single day, even when it's the toughest job going, and to make the most of every moment for already the little man is growing up so fast!
2. To make time for scrapbooking each week, and actually use some stuff up (or get rid, eek!)
3. To 'Document 2011' - I love my 2010 pages and would love to continue this
4. To finally get the house organised - so many drawers/shelves that are piled high with randomness and it's driving me nuts! One drawer at a time I will get there
5. To finish all the painting in the bathroom - just the skirting, cupboard, boxing in and floor to go!
6. To spend less - I am not so good at this - I tend to just buy what I fancy and with my maternity pay taking a sharp dip soon it's important I do this!

So there we go, nothing too challenging I don't think (but I'll let you know this time next year for sure!)

Goodbye 2010, you were fabulous!
Hello 2011, I'm excited to meet you!

p.s. This picture makes me laugh so much - can you tell who was on champagne??!