Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Mmmm, syrupy sugary goodness

I love pancake day - flipping good fun if you ask me! I have mine with syrup and sugar (as if there weren't enough sugar in syrup lol!).
A few pics from today - Michael going through the natural phases of pancake tossing: number 1 - shock, number 2 - glee.

Mine went really high! Man I am good at this!

How scrummy does that look? I've just munched on 4 of these, and now feel vaguely nauseous!

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Fingers and toes crossed we are exchanging contracts on our house today with a completion date of March 12th so it's all systems go from here!

There's removals to arrange, packing to do and furniture to order. We have no sofa or bed so those are the priority items at the moment! We have been able to buy the current white goods from the vendor which saves us a whole lot of hassle yay!

Sofa wise it is between this one from John Lewis:

and this one from Marks and Spencer

I think we need to go and sit on them and see which is comfier!
I am determined to be organised about this move, so I have drawn and laminated diagrams of the new house, given each room a colour, printed off coloured labels for each room, and will be adding them to the boxes and tags. Overkill? Maybe.
This weekend I'm working nights and next weekend I'm off on a scrapping retreat (yippe, can't wait!!) so I think our evenings will be spent packing. Now I just need a list of where each item of furniture will end up, what boxes I want in each room and a box of emergency supplies!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I had the idea for this mini book in my head for ages before I got around to actually making it - I wanted to document all the little details at our wedding that we spent so long agonising over, and that all together made the day what it was.
I used a lovely clear book which I've been saving for ages, and loads of yummy American Crafts Romance collection from Sarahs Cards.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Craft Room

So the Scrapagogo girls are talking about scrapping spaces and I thought I would share mine :)
I use the second bedroom in our rented house, which is a wierd shape and therefore not really sioted to being used as a bedroom lol! It also doubles up as the dressing room and general junk room. I use one wall across the back for my scrapping stuff, although it has been spreading lately lol! My tools are glues are in the blue basket and toothbrush holders on my desk. On the left I have the TV and DVD player, my Cricut and iPod, cardmaking stuff and right down the bottom are albums. In the shelves under the desk are photos, blank mini-albums, rub-ons (I need another basket for these like my alphabets!) and stickers (ditto!), and recent kits sit by my knees.

I like to be organised, and I like everything labelled and in it's place! These drawers from Ikea have been covered on the front with some colourful patterned papers, and the drawers hold a variety of embellishments and goodies. When we move I plan to get more of these drawers, I'd like a whole wall of them really!! On top are some other boxes containing things that wouldn't fit in the drawers.

All my flat alphabet packsd are stored in a basket on my desk - easy to get to and flick through, I love having them to hand.

On the top of the big unit on the right of my desk is a mini-easel where I store latest layouts, along with my Primas and a whole bunch of magazines and books.

Some more shelves - these hold chipboard and inks mainly. The two boxes on top of here hold any themed bits and pieces I have for Christmas and for weddings. The white basket holds journalling cards, and the magazine file (also from Ikea, with the front cut off!) holds die cuts and a few bits that don't fit anywhere else!

This is my paper and card storage. I have it in a big RUB box, with normal foolscap file folders in it. The lid is deep so it fits 12x12 perfectly when closed, and when open I can get to the papers to flick through them easily. In this one I have more recent papers, some slightly older kits and "special" Bazzil like scalloped edges, bling and swiss dots.

I sort my papers by manufacturer, unless it came in a kit in which case it stays in the kit until a few months later when it gets dispersed amoungst the rest of my stash!

I have only recently changed my ribbon storage from all thrown in together in a big box, to clipped up on a hanger! I love nit like this - firstly it looks so pretty, secondly it is easy to look through, thirdly it is easy to find the end and no tangles and fourthly, once it is there I don't need to unclip it to get what I want.

Did I mention it looks pretty!

Lastly I have a lovely cupcake hodler from B&Q sat on my desk - this was meant to hold my latest purchases so that they were visible and accessible, but at the moment it holds useful tools and my cuttlebug folders. This will change when we move - I want it to hold all my new pretties!

So thats it, I ahve just got it how I like it and now we are moving in a few weeks time lol! Ah well, I do like sorting, arranging and tidying so I'll be happy to make myself a new space.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cocktail Love

Another layout that I created for Sarah's Cards using the yummy American Crafts Romance collection - this time I wanted to step outside the realms of love & marriage, so instead I went for cocktails! We drank far too many of these Lavaflow cocktails in Hawaii - a delicious mixture of rums, cocnut cream, pineapple and strawberries!

Monday, 9 February 2009


I didn't take part in the cybercrop on UKS as fully as I have for previous ones, but I still managed to fit in a few layouts, and am pleased with what I made. Making a layout from a pizza box was fun, and I am so pleased I managed to fit 12 photos onto that layout - quite an achievement for me. The photo on the last layout was taken at my friend's wedding last year and I love it, I was having a lot of fun twirling lol!
We went out for a lovely Indian meal on Saturday night with some of Michael's work colleagues - delicious it was, you can't beat a proper Indian restaurant! I drove in, but we ended up having to get a taxi back - no, not because I indulged, but because when we arrived back at the car we found the car park to be closed! It was also closed all day yesterday, so I had to go back today (luckily I'm on my week off!) and pick up Molly (yes, the car has a name).

Sunday, 1 February 2009


I can share a couple of layouts that I created for Sarah's Cards using the lovely American Crafts Romance collection.

This month I've been working with the kit, which you can see a sneak of on the website here - http://www.sarahscardsltd.com/gallery_45.htm. Such fun bright colours, it's perfect for summery photos, just the thing to brighten up a dreary february afternoon.