Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Fingers and toes crossed we are exchanging contracts on our house today with a completion date of March 12th so it's all systems go from here!

There's removals to arrange, packing to do and furniture to order. We have no sofa or bed so those are the priority items at the moment! We have been able to buy the current white goods from the vendor which saves us a whole lot of hassle yay!

Sofa wise it is between this one from John Lewis:

and this one from Marks and Spencer

I think we need to go and sit on them and see which is comfier!
I am determined to be organised about this move, so I have drawn and laminated diagrams of the new house, given each room a colour, printed off coloured labels for each room, and will be adding them to the boxes and tags. Overkill? Maybe.
This weekend I'm working nights and next weekend I'm off on a scrapping retreat (yippe, can't wait!!) so I think our evenings will be spent packing. Now I just need a list of where each item of furniture will end up, what boxes I want in each room and a box of emergency supplies!


Rachel said...

oooohhh how exciting Jen, them sofas are lovely but i would def go and sit on them, we did that most of saturday and it makes a difference. like the sound of your packing think i need to do that now we have rooms and not just one huge room lol
good luck xx

Rachael Elliott said...

Hi Jen, those pancakes look gorgeous!!! Sofa wise I am loving the M and S one, now tell me it is the most expensive. Hope the exchange went ok today.

Sarah said...

Ohhh so exciting!! Yes its a lot of hard work, but oh so worth it in the end. I remember the packing very well!!! Good luck with it all hun, I'll be thinking of you. BTW, Sofas, both are lovely!