Tuesday, 6 May 2008

More layouts!

More layouts from the UKS cybercrop weekend.
I used lots of the photos that Anna took - they are just great!

We had a lovely bank holiday weekend, the weather has been just beautiful so we've been out in the "garden" (patch of concrete) as much as possible - we even had a BBQ last night, along with the rest of the country I bet! Let's hope it stays like this.

The wedding plans are coming along nicely, we've nearly recieved all of our RSVPs back now, just waiting on one or two. We made a good start on the seating plan, and are almost there with the order of service. Menus are chosen, Michael's shoes are bought (I was starting to worry about that!) and favour boxes are made up. There is still a rather long list of things to do though - all those silly little things!