Wednesday, 25 April 2012

{Project Life Week 5}

Week 5 was a busy week, so I used a whole double spread, plus both sides of a divided 6x12 page protecter to fit in everything. 
One thing I am adoring about this project is it's ability to "scrap-bust"! Early on I went through my scraps pile and cut a load of papers into 6x4 and 3x4 sized pieces. It's great to have a pile there ready to grab & go whenever I want to dip in and create a little bit, and I love that I'm mixing old (sometimes really old!) papers with brand new ones. There is no set theme to my album in terms of colours or style or papers, I just try to make sure that each week coordinates across the pockets. I find the easiest way to do that is to limit supplies - I grab a couple of alphabets, a few journalling stickers, my pile of papers, a coordinating twine and a couple of rolls of washi tape and I'm good to go. Here & there I've added the odd embellishment, but not a lot. This album (or albums) is going to be bulky enough as it is without loads of embellishments.

Monday, 23 April 2012

{Project Life Week 4}

I have always been pretty rubbish at the memorabilia side of scrapbooking. Occassionally I remember to keep a ticket stub or receipt, but I never know how to include it, or it's got lost by the time I get around to wanting to use it! I'm trying to be better at this, and include a few things here and there in my Project life album. In week 3 I included a save the date card we got in the post, and for this week I've added in a party invitation (even though we couldn't go - I've journalled about being sad when my job stops us from doing fun things!), and part of a restaurant flyer since we had a lunch date midweek (a rare occurance!).

Saturday, 21 April 2012

{Project Life week 3}

 Week 3 of the year was the first time I included an insert page to my album. 
We did a few things this week, and I had a few photos to include, but not enough to fill two whole pages, and I had one that I wanted printed out larger than the others. I used a 5x7" page protector and added my favourite pics to that. I'm using all the same page protectors for my main pages - they are from Becky Higgins. However, I'm using a variety of styles for my inserts and have a whole box to choose from! I'm not sure whether I'm regretting just getting one style for my main pages, but I have 60 of them so I've got to use them! Adding different inserts means it's mixed up enough to satisfy me.

Main page above, and insert (both sides) below :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

{Project Life week 2}

Onto week 2 of my project life album. This week I included pictures in lots of different formats. I like to use full size photos to fill a slot - either 6x4 or 3x4, and just add a bit of information right onto the photo either on a sticker/washi tape or sometime straight onto the photo with a journalling pen. I've also used small square photos from Instagram, a photo printed and cut out to give a polaroid effect, and a photobooth style strip from my camera cut down into individual pieces. On my wish list is an Instax polaroid camera, so I can add another type of photo to my pages.

Each week I choose which photos I want to include and insert them into a word document, arranging them to fit onto a page and resizing to the size I like. Then I just print the whole page onto A4 photo paper. I have a few friends with portable Selphy photo printers, and I'm wondering how well this would work for me. It does sound appealing to be able to print straight away from the camera, minus the faffing around on the PC...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

{Project Life 2012}

We won't mention how long it's been since I last those months just skip on by don't they?! Let's just pretend the massive gap didn't happen, and jump right on back in. 
If you read the Sarah's Cards blog you'll know I'm still here and still scrapping. Most of what I make these days ends up on there, but in addition to those pages I am working on my version of Document 2012 / Project Life. I'm using divided page protectors, and documenting on a weekly basis, but in general just one side per week, with extra for really busy weeks, or added inserts as necessary. 
I love how it is coming along!

This is the first page in my album (the title page has yet to be done) - week 1 way back in January and starting the new year off. The "2012 Memories start here" card was a free printable I found via Pinterest. I am just loving all the printables available, and have an entire pinterest board dedicated to them. Check it out here!