Saturday, 21 April 2012

{Project Life week 3}

 Week 3 of the year was the first time I included an insert page to my album. 
We did a few things this week, and I had a few photos to include, but not enough to fill two whole pages, and I had one that I wanted printed out larger than the others. I used a 5x7" page protector and added my favourite pics to that. I'm using all the same page protectors for my main pages - they are from Becky Higgins. However, I'm using a variety of styles for my inserts and have a whole box to choose from! I'm not sure whether I'm regretting just getting one style for my main pages, but I have 60 of them so I've got to use them! Adding different inserts means it's mixed up enough to satisfy me.

Main page above, and insert (both sides) below :)