Monday, 23 April 2012

{Project Life Week 4}

I have always been pretty rubbish at the memorabilia side of scrapbooking. Occassionally I remember to keep a ticket stub or receipt, but I never know how to include it, or it's got lost by the time I get around to wanting to use it! I'm trying to be better at this, and include a few things here and there in my Project life album. In week 3 I included a save the date card we got in the post, and for this week I've added in a party invitation (even though we couldn't go - I've journalled about being sad when my job stops us from doing fun things!), and part of a restaurant flyer since we had a lunch date midweek (a rare occurance!).


Rachael Elliott said...

Jen I totally love how you put these pages together, you are creating such an amazing memory! As always such cute photo of little Benjamin too :)

Gem's Crafts said...

Such a lovely album :) but however do you find the time to scrap with a little one?!