Monday, 27 October 2008


I had the most fabulous weekend with this crazy bunch of chickas! We scrapped up a storm - everyone produced some utterly gorgeous and very inspiring layouts. We drank wine, ate chocolate and gossipped likeother for years! Of course we couldn't miss the opportunity to get some pics to scrap, this is one of my faves!

The lovely Sj also very kindly took pics of us by a very autumnal tree lol! I love mine below, thanks hun!
I completed 12 layouts and have done another 2 this morning (I'm on a roll!) which I will get photographed and uploaded by the end of the week.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

House hunting is hard!

Yup, it's stressful, emotional and difficult.
On Thursday evening we saw a house that made us smile when we walked through the front door - we were very excited about it and loved looking around. It had beautiful inglenook fireplaces, fab ceiling beams and original floorboards. We went back today to see it in daylight. Unfortunately we had our "sensible hats" on today and it became evident that there was just too much work to do, and a few obstacles that we could not overcome, like no parking, not even on the street. So we are back to square one. In the last few days we've been up and down.
Now I've found details for another house that I'm really excited about, but I get the feeling it might just be a rebound house! I hope not, because I am so excited about buying somewhere, but we'll see.

This week I'm on twighlights again, that means I start work at 1:30pm and finish at 9:30pm. The hours are very odd - in the mornings you feel like you've got the day off, then after lunch off you dash to look after 320 patients single handedly, then home, very late dinner and off to sleep! It is only a 4 day week though, because I get the Friday off yay! Plus it is almost payday again, which has come around very quick!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Time flies!

Oh dear oh dear, almost a month has gone by since I last upadated, I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by! I haven't done any crafting since the layouts I uploaded previously and I am missing it so I'm making a promise to myself to do some scrapping at the weekend!

At least I know I'll be able to do some the following weekend as I'm off on a retreat with some fab girls - some of whom I've met and other I haven't yet. So excited about it, really can't wait for a whole weekend of girlie scrapping!

We are still house-hunting. We've been to see a few places, none of which float our boat so to say! We are seeing somewhere tonight that I'm quite excited about so fingers crossed. Mind you if we waited another few month we might be able to afford even more with the way house prices are going, and with some of our deposit caught up in the whole Icesave debacle yadayadayada maybe it would be sensible. Then again, sensible is just damn dull and when I set my mind on something I want it straight away lol! So we'll see.

I realised I never put any of our offical wedding pics on here, so a few of my faves to brighten up this post!