Monday, 24 November 2008

1 down...

I've finally made a start on my Christmas cards. Every year I say I'm going to start really early, make them all, do them all different etc etc, and every year I don't! I bought some cute stamps this year to encourage me, and I really enjoyed sitting down in front of the TV colouring the images in, very relaxing!

I also finally got around to making my "Here come the girls" layout from our scrapping weekend away in the woods. We challenged ourselves all the make a LO with the same photos, and I used my Scrapagogo November kit, which I love! At first I was so not sure about the cloud paper and thought I'd never use it, but I have, and now I think it's so cute lol.

We had snow at the weekend, not just a dusting but proper thick snow! It actually snowed for almost 24 hours solid, and the layer of snow piled on top of the wall was at least 2 inches thick. This was the view outside at midday yesterday! How pleased was I that I didn't have to go anywhere all day long. It has all melted away today though, which is a shame as it's pretty, but good cos I really don't like driving in it.


Claire said...

You'll get lots of snow like that now you're in Norwich. I miss living in East Anglia!