Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Better late than never

Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! We had a lovely time with family, I haven't laughed so much for a long time.

Finally I am getting around to uploading some of my journl your christmas album! I have not been keeping up, but then I knew that I wouldn't, I just want to have it completed by the end of January. Here are my first few pages and the front cover - very simply a white piece of thick card painted over with glitter, added a bit of paper some thickers and a bit more bling! My journal is mixed sizes inside, and may or may not be bound with the bind-it-all, depending on how thick it ends up!

Day 1 was all about why we are doing this journal - for me a very special christmas - our first as husband and wife, all together now - aaaww bless lol!
Day 2 and I've journalled about snow in winter and how it seems to be getting more unlikely as the years go by that we'll have snow at Christmas.

Day 3 - cards. I had very good intentions this year to make loads of christmas cards with these cute stamps that I bought. Unfortunately I completely ran out of time and made one. I did actually make one more for Michael, but not until the 22nd lol! I am resolving to do better next year, I may even try making them throughout the year so that it's all sorted by the beginning of December. Who knows, miracles could happen!

Day 4 - I kept it simple with a list of some of my favourite things about the christmas season.

So there we go, will upload a few more pages soon!

We are busy busy at the moment with house stuff - we've had an offer accepted on a house we love so fingers crossed for a smooth process from here on. It's all guns to the deck at the moment with finance, surveyors, solicitors etc. Work is busy too, I am on a wierd shift of 4.30pm to 1am this week, but then have 10 days off yippee! Michael is taking me to see Joseph in London I am so excited!


Anonymous said...

I love your JYC pages! Congratulations on your recent wedding. Jill S