Monday, 16 July 2012

{Meet Bubbles}

This is Bubbles, our new addition! 
She came home with us at the weekend and we are all completely enamoured with her. I have never seen Benjamin so happy about anything before, he's bouncing around with excitement. It's so great to see. Poor kitten is going to have to become pretty tolerant I think, as he's desperate to keep picking her up, carrying her, and depositing her in various places like people's laps and boxes and trays! I'm so looking forward to seeing their relationship grow. 
Mungo, our 3 year old cat has yet to meet Bubbles - the big introduction is scheduled to happed this evening when he arrives home from the cattery. Hoping it goes smoothly!


klmpink said...


Those pictures are ridiculously gorgeous!!!! Love them, getting slightly kitten broody!!!


Rachael Elliott said...

Hi Jen, he is gorgeous!! I hope the meeting went ok :) Our kitten is has definitely hit the teenage stage now, he is totally adorable but oh so naughty!!

Zoë said...

ahhh I want a bubbles...!! She is gorgeous. Enjoy the fun! Zx

Yvonne Randall said...

Too delightful for words.

Dawn Lancaster said...

Came over to your blog via Crafty Blogs I like to choose a random blog & visit! I love your photos! The little kitty is gorgeous I hope all is wrking out with your other cat!
You should definitely blog more!
Dawn xx