Saturday, 29 October 2011

{Documenting June 2011}

 June seems a long time ago now, but I'm pleased to have reached the mid-way point in the year! 
This month saw little man turning 8 months old, and becoming more & more cheeky by the day. These photos are just so typical - looking all cute & smiley, and holding the sign upside down! Another Shimelle starting point was the inspiration for this page.

I had to stretch a little bit to fill my mini pages this month. For some reason June was fairly sparse in activities - it was so hot I think we just chilled out at home & went to our baby groups, but I failed to get many photos. I know I was stressing about going back to work a lot this month. Still, I did manage to find enough to fill the gaps. So June saw the arrival of our first nephew Alexander, it saw Benjamin learn to kneel and pull himself to stand, it was our 3rd wedding anniversary (I love this block - the present theme is leather for 3 years, so I went to M&S and picked up a leather swatch from the homeware department to put on here), B sent happy birthday messages to his grandma & grandad, and my mum and dad went to Canada!

I have to say thank you to Shimelle for getting me out of my scrapping rut, what with the starting points that I love, and the new class Pretty Paper Party, which is where this page came from. This wasn't an event as such, just a sunny day messing about in the garden and taking silly photos of Benjamin in my sunglasses lol! He'll thank me for this when he's older I'm sure (hmmm). 


Rachael Elliott said...

Gorgeous Jen! I love how you have made the mini double pages they look great with the single ones.

Louise Ingram said...

Love seeing your Document 2011 pages. You keep reminding me how important it is to capture the little details of what my son is doing each month to look back on. I like how you've stretched some of your mini layouts to fill 2 pockets.

Also, I just wanted to encourage you about the working mummy thing. I'm in a similar place to you but maybe 6 months further on. I went back to my training full-time in March and it was incredibly hard. Even part-time medicine is a full-time job. Don't be afraid to drop some of the less important things to concentrate on what matters. My house has been a pigsty for the last 6 months but I think I'm just about managing the wife, mother and doctor thing. Just about!!

Trina said...

Love how you have scrapped some 'Pages' across 2 blocks lol

It was great seeing your Project Life in real life too, very inspiring :o)

It's not easy going back to work, but it does get easier, and my house is a tip too! I would rather scrap than do housework lol!