Wednesday, 12 October 2011

...and then he was ONE


 My baby is one. Officially no longer a baby and more like a toddler. 
People are right when they tell you that time flies by so much more quickly when you have children. It really does. I don't think anyone really believes it until they experience it though.  

From this to this in 12 short months. I'm so proud of my little man.
The day started with presents of course, and the birthday boy sported mummy's new favourite stripey sleepsuit! See that stack of presents behind him? That has taken a long time to open, because he loves all his new toys so much he just wants to play with them & not open the next one!


Then off we went to the Sea Life Centre which was a huge success - he loved watching the fishes, and one particular playful penguin was captivating! 

Back home and time for a few photos. The balloon pictures didn't really work out since the weather was a bit rubbish, so instead we have cake photos for his one year pics. Since he won't sit still enough for a number prop anymore, I made a customised vest for him using photoshop and some t-shirt transfer paper - super easy & super cute!

Just out of interest, this is what hapens after you give a one year old a cupcake....

...sugar high! It was hilarious - he was dancing around and squealing at the top of his voice. Racing over to the window and slapping it whilst shouting at the garden. Rubbing his hands over his chest & belly like a man possessed lol!

Having recovered from the sugar rush, it was time to test out more new toys, here he is enjoying a couple of them - a cute wooden trike & a fun fire engine (I think I will hear nee-naw noises in my sleep!).


Last but not least the important family photo. Rubbish quality beacause it was getting dark & I had my ISO set wrong d'oh. But although it may not be great quality, it's us. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more family photos at the weekend when he has his little party & there's someone else to take our pics - much easier than doing it yourself!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little guy! It goes really quickly doesn't it? When mine turned 18 months I thought I had the date wrong. Now shes coming up to 2 and will be a big sister in December. It's amazing!

Emily Hall said...

Ah such amazing pics! frosting on feet! haha I can be family portrait photographer on sat xxx