Monday, 26 September 2011

{Almost 1)

I can't believe how fast the last year has gone. This time 1 year ago I was almost 40 weeks pregnant and sooo ready to meet my little baby. Now, that precious newborn is a toddling, smiling, clapping, laughing little boy with so much personality. He has grown so fast! He will turn one in two weeks - wow!

I only started doing the 'official' monthly photos at 3 months, but I have photos from the right days of the previous months, so here is his first year....

The day he was born - 10/10/10 at 10.27pm

1 month old, starting to smile

2 months old, looking more grown up

3 months old, starting to get cheeky!

4 months old, loving tummy time

5 months old, learning to sit

6 months old, teething!

7 months old, getting harder to photograph since he won't keep still!

8 months old, won't leave the props alone!

9 months old, being taught naughty tricks by Grandad!

10 months old, refusing to look at the camera!

11 months old, walking!

I have plans for the one year photo which involve lots of ballons! We shall see how well that comes off - he might not want to cooperate with me!


Rachael Elliott said...

Wow that has gone quickly! He is a gorgeous little boy Jen and I can't wait to see the balloon photos! lol

Dawn said...

Fabulous photos, My little one is 4 1/2 months and I'm now inspired to take monthly photos as it perfectly shows how quickly they change.
Enjoy your son's 1st Birthday, he's so lucky to have such a cool date of birth, would have been even more coincedental if he was born at 10.10am

Katie said...

The 1st year just flies doesn't it? Such cute photos and great to see them all together like this. I've been meaning to go through all my photos and make a video with one from each week - might take me a while though!

Sarah said...

Gosh, where has that year gone?! He is growing fast and the photos are fab! Hope he has a lovely 1st birthday!! xx

beksynormz said...

These photos are amazing Jen, you must be so pleased with them! He is such a happy looking little guy and he has the coolest DOB!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Awwwww. One thing I always regret with my 19month old was not taking more photos of her when she was very first born. I have one or two blurry numbers that I took on a phone, I think, but no SLR ones. I'm due number two in a few weeks so I'm going to make sure someone is taking snaps.

Anna said...

I love your monthly photos, there a fab idea! Wish I'd have done little boy is now 3! Anna x

Nat said...

Wow how quick has that year gone?! Aww Jen he is such a cutie, a proper little star - he's so smiley!!! Hope he has a lovely birthday and that your photo idea goes to plan!
Nat xxx
ps....10/10/10?! How cool!