Sunday, 8 May 2011

{Document March 2011}

As promised, here are my pages for march. I am really enjoying the 4x4 mini pages as something a bit different to last year's book which was 6x4 mini pages. I quite like the idea of these ones which are a mixture for next year's album, but let's not jump the gun!

So, March was Benjamin's 5 month photoshoot - he was just learning to sit up for a few seconds without tumbling down, by the end of the month he was fairly reliable and he's a pro at sitting now! We started weaning at about 5 months, and he's taking to it really well and now enjoys a whole selection of fruit and veg along with some finger foods. We are just in the process of moving on to meat recipes now. Things change so quickly! His favourite things for this month were swimming, lip-smacking and bathtime. I love that I've got these pages to look back over & see what stage he was at for each month. I need ot start jotting information down though, because it's so easy to forget when he first did things!

My mini pages for March include a whole selection of cute Benjamin photos, the Sarah's Cards retreat (my first weekend away from the little chap),filling out the census, my sister getting engaged, lemon cake, making beer at home, and spring flowers in the garden. Using Instagram pictures from my phone combined with a kit means these come together easily, without having to think too much. I was a bit (=totally) rubbish at collecting 'things' to put on my pages in March, for May I have an envelope pinned to my noticeboard to help overcome that!

I've just realised I didn't take a photo of my second page for March - it's all about weaning, I'll get it up next post.
April was super busy & I have no idea how it's all going to fit onto 18 squares - I think I might have to squeeze the girly weekend into May (well, it ended May1st so that counts right?!) or else I really won't have space for all the fun things we did!


Rachael Elliott said...

They look great Jen and it will be such a great record to look back on when Benjamin is older. You know you are going to have to do this for any other children you have don't you! lol

Gem's Crafts said...

What gorgeous pages, and a lovely record of the first few months of your son's life :)

Rachel B said...

I love the 4x4 layouts, the hipstamatic pics fit so nicely!!! May have to try them next year! :)

Jenna Upson said...

love the divided page Jen, i have been using the different sized ones you mentioned and they work really well if you don't want to crop all of your photos x