Tuesday, 15 March 2011

{Documenting February 2011}

Staying up to date with this year's Document project so far yippee!

So, here's my pages for February, starting with the 'Benjamin update' page & his 4 month photo. I think the best thing about this month of his life was the proper laughs we had - so adorable. He also learnt to sit up, to screech & to roll onto his side. He now sleeps all night long, from 10:30pm - 7:30am which is pure bliss!

Next up, February's main event, which was a weekend away with the family to a lovely barn in rural Suffolk. We spent the weekend eating lots of yummy food, playing silly games & going for walks. It was a bit chilly but I made everyone line-up for a photo lol!

Lastly, February's mini pages. This month included lots of photos going up on the walls, waffles with malteasers & ice cream for breakfast, playing with great-granny, valentines day, and Mungo sleeping in lots of silly places!


Nat said...

Gorgeous pages Jen :) Good to hear you are having sleep filled nights too!! xx

Katie said...

Awesome pages. I've not even started January yet :-( but I have got my pockets finally so hoping to get started this week!