Friday, 26 June 2009

One year on...

So Sunday was our 1st wedding anniversary - my that has flown by!
We spent a lovely weekend reminiscing, and Michael took us to London for a champagne flight on the eye, which was great! I've been wanting to go on it for ages! The weather didn't look promising, with big black clouds, but about 10 minutes before our flight the clouds cleared and we had clear blue skies for the duration of the ride, then it clouded over again!

I've been on the twighlight shift again this week so my body clock is all of a muddle lol!
Today I had to get up early, having got home from work at 2am, to take delivery (finally) of our new bed yay! It looks fab in the room - can't wait to move in there as we've been living in the guest room since we moved in. Will get photos up after the weeeknd - I'm off up to N. Yorkshire this afternoon for a girly weekend away - must go and pack!!