Sunday, 28 June 2009

New bed!

Our main bedroom is finally starting to come together - we have had it painted and wallpapered (the ceiling was a fetching combination of pastel purple, orange, yellow, blue and mint!), new carpet laid over the old mint green floorboards, we've had a new mattress for a while and on Friday our bed was delivered. Here it is!

Now we can move in - yay!! All we need now are a few more bits of furniture, like a wardrobe, and we'll have one refurbished and complete room, which will be a lovely feeling. 1 down, only 7 more to go haha!
I've been on a weekend away with some of my very best school friends - we went up to the Yorkshire Moors where it was very very misty, but we had a lovely time. Photos to come soon.
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Hannah said...

oooh that looks lovely!