Wednesday, 1 April 2009

So I finally found the cable for the camera - turns out it wasn't in a box at all, I had already unpacked it and put it in a safe place so I wouldn't forget where it was lol! Well, good intentions and all that.
A couple of house pics - our back garden goes all the way back to where you can see the white cottage at the end, so plenty of space to keep us busy! The front half of the house dates back to 1700s, and the back half is Victorian. There are some beams inside that are even older - 1500s apparently so we have a lot of history to look after and we love it!

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Jenny said...

OMG Jen it's beautiful - I am green with envy! Love old houses hope you both have lots of fun there x

Sarah said...

Oh Jen, your house is just beautiful. So jealous, I'd love a house with character! Well done you and it must be so worth all the stress and packing!