Tuesday, 31 March 2009

We Moved!

Well we successfully moved house without any problems - so exciting to be in our own home and really make it ours. I would love to show photos but I have not yet unearthed my camera cable - I can't remember which box it is in, and as it's so small it isn't easy to find! The unpacking was initially quick but we have now reached a kind of limbo - we have everything that is essential out (stash included of course!) and are not decided where the rest of it is going to go. All our furniture seems tiny in these larger rooms, and somehow there seems to be less of it too.

We spent a couple of lovely days in the garden basically taking a couple of the beds back to basics - can't wait to have the time to fill them, I can see myself getting into gardening! Michael is keen on a veggie plot - we have space for one and so he has chosen onions, potatoes, tomatoes, parsnips, spring onions, carrots and salad leaves. We also have a big pot of strawberries, yum!

We've had our main bedroom decorated already - we picked some lovely wallpaper from Laura Ashley and matching paint in duck egg white - very fresh and sophisticated! Now we just need to choose a carpet, order furniture and get a door (no, there's no door, and all the other ones upstairs are original so it's going to be more difficult to find the right thing!).

We spent last weekend at my cousin's wedding - it was a fab day and so much fun, especially the white chocolate fountain - amazing! I have incriminating photos of all involved in the stick-as-much-food-on-a-stick-soak-it-in-chocolate-and-stick-it-in-your-mouth debacle lol!

A couple more layouts from my scrappy weekend away at the beginning of March - can't have a post without pictures!
Hoping to locate the camera cable very soon!

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