Monday, 3 March 2008


We've spent the last few weeks finalising the wedding invitations, and today they are finished!
The weekend was spent cutting, sticking, folding, tying and writing, my shoulders ache like never before and my eyes have gone all funny!
I'm really chuffed with how they've come out - I drew a sketch ages ago, from which we got the covers designed by a graphic design company who Dad works with a lot and called in a favour from. Mum and I then made them up and added the gems and ribbon on by hand. A big job, but well worth it!


Jo said...

Wow they look amazing! Well done :)

Louise said...

jen beautiful invitations. Much as we didn't post a lot as Scraplings I do miss catching up with you all, so it's good to see the wedding plans are going well. Not seen you on HSMS for a while - do I sound like a stalker now!!!

Unknown said...

I love these invites Jen, they are so pretty! I will be watching your blog from afar now that your countdown is on........huge congrats!