Monday, 17 March 2008

Busy times!

I'm still so busy I'm not really sure what is going on!

The wedding seems to be taking over, but it is fun so I don't mind. I had my first hair trial - just a rough put up to see if what I was thinking would work and it was great! I've also been in touch with a make-up lady to arrange that for the day.
Last week I went with Em and Mum to Bluewater to find Mum's outfit - we got her dress, jacket and fascinator so it was certainly a worthwhile trip.
We spent an hour and a half with the venue manager last week talking about details, and feel much happier about how the day will run. I have total confidence in them - they've done this so many times before!
We've started to recieve our RSVPs - most people so far can come which is great, I just hope we don't have too much chasing up to do in May when the RSVP date gets here - I've heard all sorts of stories about people not bothering to RSVP!
We went into town on Saturday and I came back with my ring! It's so beautiful, and sits wonderfully next to my enagagement ring.

I found a couple of old photo albums the other day, so I've spent a few hours scanning in the photos - there are some great ones from when I was little - this is one of my favourites - me trampolining at the age of 3. This was in the local paper!


Olive said...

Cute photo, is that your mum in the background? There's an uncanny resemlance if she's not!