Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Last week our jobs came through ove the internet - I was so so nervous as I clicked on the page, but I'm allocated to East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire) which was my first choice, yay! I was really worried as we could have ended up anywhere in the country, but this area is perfect as it is nice and close to home, making it easier to keep in touch and for wedding planning, but not right on the doorstep!
The next stage is choosing specific jobs, and I will find out at the end of March exactly what 3 jobs I'll be doing during my first year, and which hospitals they will be in. Then we can start looking for somewhere to live! It is all so exciting!! (scary too - i'm actually going to be working as a dr!!!)

We had a lovely weekend at home, it is always so relaxing, but i don't enjoy the 4 hour drive much! On sunday we went to a wedding fair and it was very useful as we have now booked our photographer, who is doing a very good all-inclusive package, including all the images taken copyright free in high res on a cd, which was exactly what i wanted!


Cath said...

Sounds like you have some exciting times ahead!