Wednesday, 31 January 2007

More shopping!

Yup, I've been shopping again! I had to go out jeans shopping as I realised I only had one pair left that didn't have a hole in them lol!Anyway, I totally hate shopping for jeans, they never seem to fit properly - if the go over my hips they gape at the waist so I wasn't very positive about having a sucessful trip. Well, the first shop I went into was Next, I tried on two pairs, they both fitted well so I got them both and left! The fastest I have ever bought jeans in my life! Next also have some very nice labels on their clothes at the moment, for those scrapping magpies out there!

I've also been shopping today, this time for stash. Although it wasn't intentional, I only popped into the shop for something else and came out with the new making memories precision trimmer, along with lots of patterned paper and cardstock, ribbons, brads and silk flowers!

We had a lovely weekend with friends, the chocolate fountain went down well, and we had a nice time at the abbey, taking lots of silly photos!


moxyblue said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm another one who hates shopping for jeans! But Next always fit me too - well in the petite section they do :o) xx