Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Yesterday I had my latest appointment with the chest clinic - this time last year I went to my GP for a repeat prescription and mentioned that I'd had a bit of a cough for a while, nothing that bothered me a lot, just didn't seem to be shifting. Since then I've had numerous x-rays, CT scans of my chest and sinuses, a heart ultrasound scan, lung function tests, loads of blood tests and asthma challenges!
The only things that have come back with anything relevant are the blood tests, whcih basically show that I'm really really allergic! Now, I know I get hayfever, but the consultant was really quite concerned and last time I saw her (in July!) she sent me off with loads of drugs, just in case I needed them and a few adrenaline inkections in case I had any anaphylactic shock!
So yesterday she said that I was a very interesting case, which in doctr speak i know means "we aren't quite sure about you". The blood results are way off the scale, what should be less than 100 is over 100,000. So in a couple of weeks off I go to a specialist joint clinic where 2 consultants will see me for about an hour, to discuss whether I'm a candidate for a new drug that will desensitise my allergic state!
It feels like it's a bit ridiculous, seeing as i only mentioned it to my GP as I was there! Still, at least I'm getting a thorough checking over!