Thursday, 17 March 2011

{Almost sitting}

This is a photo from about 3 weeks ago - Benjamin was almost managing to sit unaided, just needeing to hold onto my hand and I loved that - he's growing up so fast already & I don't want him to become too independent too fast, although each little milestone is amazing !
He can sit my himself now - not everytime but he can do it. Often he ends up face-planting into the sofa or bed, which he thinks is hilarious!

I used a couple of stamps from Cats Life Press on this page, recommended by Laura - they are just fab, there are so many great little sayings and images. I love stamps and I don't use the ones I have enough - maybe it's because they aren't very visible on my desk. Hmm, off to try and find a solution to that problem!
Note: Challenging myself to use a stamp on every layout I do.


Rachael Elliott said...

Love this page Jen, the matted patterned papers work so well and that photo is just tooooooo cute!