Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Baby's Room!

So it's nearly time for baby to join us, and we've just finished the nursery (well except for curtains!). I'm so pleased with how it's turned out. We don't know if we are having a girl or a boy, so we wanted something neutral, something calming and something airy.

We went from this oppressing yellow (and on the ceiling too - why??).... this pale green with fresh white woodwork and a lovely new carpet. I can't believe how much lighter and fresher the room feels!

That tall chest of drawers was a cheap plain pine unit brought years ago from good old Argos. I primed & painted it in cream and then added funky handles in cream/green dots &stripes - so much better! The bookcase was inherited with the house - we actually have 2 of them. I think we need to get more books though - so far we only have The Hungry Caterpiller!
Oh, please also excuse the old kitchen chair in the corner - we have a lovely nursing chair which will go there,  but it's currently my sitting room chair until baby arrives!
We spent a weekend building the wardrobe, long chest of drawers and the cot. I saw we, what I really mean is M built them whilst I directed and passed screws lol! The wardrobe is actually huge, and the 5 little sleepsuits in there look a bit pathetic! I'm sure it'll fill up soon enough though.

 I made these little birdies one afternoon when I was bored (totally love having a fabric shop 6 doors down!). Hoping to fill the room with plenty of little details over the coming months.

Ah muslins, so practical and yet so pretty all rolled up in a basket!

That stripey sleepsuit is my favourite so far - it rocks!

So I think that's probably baby overload for today!
I'm getting on well with my Document 2010 pages so should be able to share July in the next couple of days.
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Rachel said...

its so beautiful jen, im so excited for your both, that stripy suit is just the cutest, i have you on my list to make something fabulous whilst i am off lol x

Rachael Elliott said...

Jen the room looks gorgeous, love the soft colour scheme, can't wait to see your little baby in it!

Tracy said...

Jen the baby's room looks gorgeous, i love the colours you've chosen. Looking forward to hearing of the arrival of baby N really soon.
Hugs Tracy x

Jenny said...

Oh Jen, it's gorgeous. So happy for you and Michael it must be so exciting for you both! And as if I wasnt climbing-the-walls-broody anyway this has made it much worse! x x

Louise said...

The nursery is stunning. I loved getting everything ready... such a special time. Enjoy the last few days of being pregnant, it won't be long until you're a mummy :)

cathy said...

Wow!! Jen you look sooooo well & perfectly blooming!!
I love your nursery, such a lovely colour & so bright & airy.. . . You did a great job with the chest of draws!! Can't wait to see what colour you're having - oh I do mean pink or blue mind!!! Lol