Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Bumpy Bump

Ah, the bump is getting increasingly bumpy these days! I'm sure I look further on than I am (4 1/2 months) but as M keeps reminding me - it's going to get a whole lot bigger than this. Great, thanks for that lol!
We've been busy looking at pushchairs, car seats, prams, nursery furniture and all the other bits & peices that we need - it's a massive job, I could not believe how many different types of pram they are and I wasn't sure how on earth you go about choosing! It's like they are talking another language half the time. Despite that, I think we have picked out the carseat, and I have my eye on a certain pram - we just need to travel to a certain shop to try it out & make sure it's easy to use and comfortable to push!
Any mums out there - tips of things you definately do need would be great, and tips on things that thye try to seel you but you really don't need also much appreciated!
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cathy said...

Aw that photo is fab Jen, you don't look that big to me & also you don't look like you've put any wieght on anywhere else! ......... make sure you keep us updated with more pics!

Rachael Elliott said...

Jen that is a great photo! I was going to say you did have quite a big bump for 4.5 months lol. I know I had to buy my first maternity clothes when I was 16 weeks pregnant but I didn't have a big bump think I was just desperate to look pregnant! Looking forward to seeing the next photo :) Are you enjoying being pregnant?

Debbie H said...

Gorgeous lil bump you have there - it's not so big! Top tip for pushchair for me would be to buy a really good umbrella folding one from day 1, it's tempting to spend loads on a 'pram' but they are laid flat on their backs for such a short time and can be in a bigger buggy sitting up for 3/4 years, so go for something not TOO bulky. The Quinny's are great and can turn on a sixpence with 1 finger.