Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Learn to Sew part 1

My mission for this year is to learn a little about sewing. I really want to make a quilt, but I thought I'd start with something a little smaller!
This little chappie is a lot smaller, but for my very first project, I am chuffed with him. Yup, he's not perfect, and a little scruffy round the edges, but I like him!
Unfortunately the kittens have decided he shall be their play toy, so he has to sit high up on top of the shelves lol!
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Unknown said...

very cute my dear!! I think i need to learn to sew too!! hmmmmm!! xx

Jenny said...

Aww! Super cute x

klmpink said...

yay great first attempt. It takes a bit of practice but you will soon be a quilting pro! Can't wait to see what else you make!

Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous Jen - I want to learn to sew this year too and what a lovely project to start with. :)


Rachael Elliott said...

Aw so cute, going to definitley have to pick up a needle and thread and have a go!

MandMStudio said...

Lovely:) That's pretty good for a newbie you will have it down in no time.