Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The 1st

Finally getting around to uploading my pages for learn something new everyday - here is page 1 - always keep first aid skills up to date! After a scary day with hubby cutting his wrist with a blade, promptly passing out, obstructing his airway & fitting as a result I learnt that even if I ever stop being a doctor it is so important to keep those skills! So a fairly serious message for day 1 - something more lighthearted to come tomorrow!
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JO SOWERBY said...

hope he's recovering well jen, just when u think it's safe to be off-duty.............never happens does it as us doctors and nurses know!
jo xx

Hannah said...

oh my goodness! I hope he's ok now. Good job you knew what you were doing! I rely on my husband being a paramedic...suppose I should learn the basics too, you never know! Your scrapbooking is amazing, congrats on being in the SI design team! Looking forward to seeing the rest of you LSNED! :)

Rachel said...

good idea, great u were there to help him x

Fiona said...

Oh wow - what a scary series of events - hope he's ok now! Great page too