Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Box city

Yup we are now officially living in packing box city! This pile arrived a few days ago so we've been cracking on. I do like to be organised so each box has a big coloured sticker on it which corresponds to a room in the house. It also has a number and we have a master list to tell us the contents of each box number. I think I may have said this before but I have just come off nights and my brain is mush lol! I am finding lots of things I'd forgotten we even had - always good. we've just under 2 weeks to go til removals, but we get the keys next Thursday! SO SO EXCITED!

Tonight I have been getting sorted for my weekend away with the fab lushalicious girlies. I am sooo looking forward to a couple of days to scrap, gossip and have a good giggle. I have yummy new CHA stash and I am ready to go!

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Laura said...

oh wow, you are going to be busy!!!

Another great thing for moving are those big blue ikea bags!!!

Great for clothes etc, and the handles make them very easy to move around, and they are only 30p each, so if you have an ikea near you it might be worth picking a few up!

We used about 20 when we moved and they were so great!!!