Saturday, 9 February 2008

Oh dear, I've been terribly quite again!

I have not been in the mood for photography at all so I'm having a break from it to refresh myself!

I have done a little bit of scrapping, but again have not really been in the right frame of mind. My February Scrapagogo kit arrived this week and it's fantastic, so I'm going to sit down with that later in the hope that it kick starts my creativity again!

I did this layout with the January kit, which was mainly Making Memories Noteworthy papers - they are so pretty!

The wedding planning has been going full steam ahead! I now have my shoes, and my veil is on order so my outfit is pretty much complete now. We've chosen a pattern for the bridesmaids dresses, and I've bought the material (a gorgeous soft tafetta in sage green) so I'm excited about those! We went and saw the lady who is making the cake, and discussed our idea - it's going to be quite the centrepiece I think! On Tuesday we are off to taste possible menus, and I'm off to see the graphic designer to sort out the stationary, which will be going out at the end of February. So it's non-stop at the moment.

I started going swimming this week - I started my "diet" a couple of weeks ago, and am really trying to exercise more. So far I've lost 5lbs, which I'm pleased with, I just need to keep up the activity levels!

Enough from me for today, I hope I'll be back later with more layouts!