Sunday, 16 December 2007

{Show off Sunday! and Self Portrait}

Well this week I'm showing off my graduation piccies from this thursday. What a surreal day, I can hardly believe that the last 5 years have finally come to a close, and I'm an official graduate. Obviously I didn't take these photos lol, but they capture the day perfectly - fun and proud :D

I didn't manage to get my self portrait up yesterday as I went to visit mum and dad for the day, but here it is.


maz said...

Lovely pics Jen. Your folks are oozing proudness!(pride?)

Jenga said...

great photos well done :)

Sue said...

Oh so pleased that you shared these with us :-) Great shots . . . be proud you worked hard for it. Well done :-)

Super sp lookin good :-)


Christine said...

Congratulations! You look very happy and so you should be!
Fab pics - thaks for sharing :)