Monday, 13 August 2007


Thanks to Jen who nominated me rocking girl blogger.
"The Rockin' Girl Blogger idea originated from Roberta Flanaghan . It works like this ... you have to give her credit, put up the badge and finally, add 5 other rockin' girl bloggers to the list."
So...who to tag...caz, you're it!

I dropped Michael off at Stansted this morning - he's off to Spain for 10 days and I'm rather jealous! I wish I could have gone, but alas I have to be in Leeds on Monday so it wasn't to be. I'm staying at home with mum and dad for a few days, and yes I did bring my camera with me to continue with herspace myspace prompts but did I bring the cable or the install disc? No I did not. So I can't get my pics online until Thursday, whoops.


Jen said...

Right, I am finally going to get round to adding your blog to my links lol!!
By the way, where do you take your pics? The backgrounds always look so neat and clean!

Gemma* said...

ooh, a student who shops in Sainsbury's. my cupboard's full of tinned tomatoes too - cool photo!

PS I'm a medic too - now an F2 doing GP, dermatology and A&E ...good luck!