Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A long time!

Wow it's been ages since I updated my blog, and so much has happened!
We moved down from Leeds to Norwich at the end of June, which was hard work but worth it - we love it here so far! After that we went away on a couple of holidays - we spent ten days in Gozo (a small island off Malta) where Michael learnt dive. I hadn't been diving for a couple of years so it was great to get back under the water. On our last dive of the holiday a couple got engaged 10m down, which was lovely!

Almost as soon as we got home we were off again, this time for a week in Kings Lynn with friends. We were so lucky with the weather and only had one day of rain - amazing considering how it had been the few weeks beforehand.
Since getting back we've been busy sorting out the house and finishing off the unpacking, and also sorting out wedding plans! I've ordered my dress, and my tiara has arrived - i keep wearing it around the house!

We've also booked our florist, cars and entertainment so we are getting there. It amazes me how early you have to book these things, it still feels like we have ages to go.

I've missed doing the herspace myspace prompts over the last month or so, and i've had a mini catch up this morning, although i had to cheat on a couple! I promise to get back on track now!

I also have a couple of LOs to share, which I actually did ages ago, but never put on here. The first is of my cousin, Aurore, and the other is of me underwater! These were both donw using the Scraproom kit, which I love even though I haven't had much opportunity to use it yet!

I think thats enough of my babbling for one day!


All of my Todays said...

I love all your photos and I am so jealous of the diving I have not done it for years now. Must put it on my list of things to do as I have relatives on the barrier reef and in Oman which apparently has excellent diving.

Anonymous said...

Fabby photos Jen - it is good to see you back :o) Sounds like you have had a busy but lovely couple of weeks. Your tiara looks beautiful and the layouts and photos are just gorgeous xx

Teena said...

Your photos are so great! I love all of them. And your tiara is fantastic. You will look like a princess!

pokettiger said...

Welcome back Jen! Great photos! Each one if fantastic. The framing of the hibiscus is awesome. Love the little fat cat. What an incredible city shot. Love what you did with the color.

mum-on-the-run said...

Wow! So much to see! Your photos are excellent, I love your LO's and the tiara is just gorgeous :)

Kate said...

Great photos, I haven't tried making a tiara yet but its on the to do list!

Vanda said...

Ooo Jen such a lot to look at :O) LOVE all your photos especially the tiara ~ wow! How pretty is that :O) Your LO's are gorgeous too xXx

Anonymous said...

Wow!! such lovely photo's you have been busy. Your tiara is beautiful- no wonder you keep wearing it :)