Sunday, 1 April 2007

{Colourful, Wood and Heart}

Oh dear, I've been bad and not updated my blog for ages!

I've now finished my last placement as a medical student and it feel wierd! Now i just have finals to contend with in a few weeks, and then holidays - yay! I've also found at that my jobs will be in Norwich and Great Yarmouth, so we can start getting on with house hunting, all very exciting. I'm looking forward to moving back down - I can't be doing with this cold weather!

My sister Em has been here this weekend and on Friday we went wedding dress shopping, and I found my dress! It feels just perfect and is really beautiful, I'm so thrilled! I won't order it until we move, but I don't even want to try on any more, and i LOVE trying on dresses!

Here are a few more herspace myspace prompts:


Louise said...

Great Jen, I love that heart, and the cat and the angle you took the planter from - in fact I love 'em all!

Unknown said...

Fantastic photos Jen, love the cat xx