Friday, 16 March 2007


We had the most beautiful sunset last night - the colours were so rich. we went out for a wander down the lane to make the most of it as the sky was so stunning and we couldn't see it too well from our apartment, but just down the road are some fields, with a much better view! Here are a few pics that i took.

I should explain about the anatomy colouring book from my {read} photo, specifically for louise who has asked! Basically each page has a lined drawing of a part of the body, and a description of the anatomy. the idea is to colour it in and as a learning method it really works - it definately sticks in your mind, especially if you have more of a visual memory, like me! So there you go, the anatomy colouring book, available at good book stores near you :)


Anonymous said...

Wow gorgeous sunset - great photos :o)


Unknown said...

What a gorgeous sunset.