Saturday, 3 March 2007


The latest prompt on her space my space is "green", which is very appropriate as this morning we went out to the garden centre to buy this venus fly trap (michael has been obsessing about getting one for ages, he's such a big kid lol) in this funky green pot! As soon as I saw the prompt this afternoon I knew this would be perfect!


Kirsty Wiseman said...

ooooh wantme one of those babies.
thanks for joining in xx

Unknown said...

Hey Jeni

I thought i would drop in on you- have a look to see what you were up to ! These photos are amazing.. loving them all- i like Michaels choice actually - pretty good for over here atm as we have to replant our entire garden almost !

Good luck with your new position too, i'm sure the drive will be well worth it for the experience!

I am looking forward to seeing all these ATcS!

Take Care,

Becky xx (uks)

Louise said...

Fab photos Jen - you have really inspired me to have a go too.