Thursday, 18 January 2007

The Weekend!

Yes, i know it is only Thursday, no I haven't gone totally stark raving bonkers. I get tomorrow off so for me it is now the weekend - yay! One extra day off a week really does make so much difference!
Went for a mini shopping trip today and bagged myself some gorgeous new shoes - perfect for work as I can drive in them (I struggle with heels!) and they are sooo comfy! I also came across this new magazine - Perfect Wedding. As I am a total magazine junkie I just had to buy it!
Here are a couple of photos from a walk we went on last weekend, the views were stunning although it was pretty windy as it's so exposed!


Unknown said...

Hey Jeni

The view is beautiful ! Loving the shoes!! Go ahead spoil yourself! They are for work after all !!

Take Care and have a great week!!