Wednesday, 31 January 2007

More shopping!

Yup, I've been shopping again! I had to go out jeans shopping as I realised I only had one pair left that didn't have a hole in them lol!Anyway, I totally hate shopping for jeans, they never seem to fit properly - if the go over my hips they gape at the waist so I wasn't very positive about having a sucessful trip. Well, the first shop I went into was Next, I tried on two pairs, they both fitted well so I got them both and left! The fastest I have ever bought jeans in my life! Next also have some very nice labels on their clothes at the moment, for those scrapping magpies out there!

I've also been shopping today, this time for stash. Although it wasn't intentional, I only popped into the shop for something else and came out with the new making memories precision trimmer, along with lots of patterned paper and cardstock, ribbons, brads and silk flowers!

We had a lovely weekend with friends, the chocolate fountain went down well, and we had a nice time at the abbey, taking lots of silly photos!

Saturday, 27 January 2007

New stuff!

Wow, there are so many gorgeous new releases at CHA this year that I can't wait to get my hands on!
My particular favourites are these Junkitz collections, they look such fun!

I also love the new Fancy Pants papers -

And how cool are the new Doodlebug craft knife and mat sets!!

Loving their new stamps too -

Thursday, 18 January 2007

The Weekend!

Yes, i know it is only Thursday, no I haven't gone totally stark raving bonkers. I get tomorrow off so for me it is now the weekend - yay! One extra day off a week really does make so much difference!
Went for a mini shopping trip today and bagged myself some gorgeous new shoes - perfect for work as I can drive in them (I struggle with heels!) and they are sooo comfy! I also came across this new magazine - Perfect Wedding. As I am a total magazine junkie I just had to buy it!
Here are a couple of photos from a walk we went on last weekend, the views were stunning although it was pretty windy as it's so exposed!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

I started my GP placement on Monday and so far it's going well and I'm enjoying it! Monday was a long day, I didn't get home until 7pm which is rare for me, and not what I expected for a first day as usually it's all intro stuff and an early finish!

Today I've had some time to scrap and got a couple of LOs finshed. This one was inspired by the January 1st page in my Autumn Leaves designing with calender. It is pretty much a straight lift, as I love the strips of paper and the cluster of photos in the middle! These are pics from 2005 when my cousin got married. I love the Heidi Swapp ghost shapes - I used the hearts here backed with patterned paper.

I have also completed my very first 8 1/2 x 11" LO, this time of Michael's graduation in November 2006. I used the latest Pencil Lines sketch (number 14) by Jakey, which is fab! I love using sketches, they are such a great source of inspiration and can be adapted to fit any scheme or photos.

Sunday, 7 January 2007


We've had such a nice relaxing weekend, it's been lovely not to do anything! We haven't had a free weekend since the beginning of december so it makes a nice change, and although it is lovely to go visiting people it is tiring!
Spent most of the weekend watching tv, films, surfing the internet and making cards - there are so many birthdays in January! I also did a bit of scrapping but need to add a few finishing touches and then will upoad.
Tomorrow I start a 4 week GP placement - I'm really looking forward to it as it is what I eventually want to do. It is also scary as it means there are only about 14 weeks until finals!!

Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2006, hello 2007! :)
It's that time of year when everyone vows to do all those things that they want to do, because in the new year you can turn over a new leaf and establish habits for a lifetime.

So in 2007 I will
1) Use the cross-trainer I bought a couple of months ago regularly. I don't want to start out too ambitious so I'm aiming for 20 minutes twice per week to be realistic. If i do that, I'll increase it!
2) Make time for myself to scrap at least once a week, because I deserve it.
3) Drink those 8 glasses of water every single day, because I know it does me good when I do.

I'm going to need to be organised in order to succeed, what with finals looming (April - aargh!) so I've made myself charts to tick when I've completed a mission! It may sound sad, but if I can actually see whether or not I'm achieving it I won't be able to kid myself and I can reward myself when I do. Wish me luck!

In my last post I said I'd saved a life so here is the story:
As part of the medical course I had to go away for 8 weeks anywhere in the world to practice medicine. I chose to go to Kenya with a friend, and it was an amazing experience. We spent a month in Nairobi at a smart upper-class hospital where we got to do pretty much nothing, and a month in a little village where we were basically in charge! The village hospital was cramped and messy (it makes you appreciate the NHS!) and we dealt with all kinds of illnesses and accidents. One evening a lady came in labour and needed an emergency c-section. Despite there being no anaesthetist or surgeon she couldn't be transferred anywhere so along with the (only recently qualified) doctor and a couple of nurses (some students) we carried out the operation. She had ruptured her uterus and the baby was floppy and white when he came out. There was very little in the way of equipment, drugs and dressings but me and my friend resuscitated him and both he and his mother miraculously survived. It was a very shocking and stressful night, but seeing him the following morning was the most rewarding feeling.
Kenya was also where I went on safari! :)